Tuesday, January 6, 2009

big school boy

Kaelan's first day at school
so excited about wearing a tie like daddy
practising sawatdee khrap in the taxi
it was a big day for us all
emotions overflowing


bee, fre and me said...

Allan took these photos with his sigma dp1

Sohail_Dossa said...

Congratulations all - you must be so proud! Wow.

Tie and everything - too cool!

I have no idea what sigma dp1 is btw.

bee, fre and me said...

It's Allan's 'holy grail' camera, he eagerly awaited it's release for over a year. It's a compact digital camera that takes SLR quality photographs. Al is still impressed with the image detail (and hasn't found anything that supercedes the DP1...yet)

Roopa said...

Looks like Kaelans got big plans to take over Thailand...good luck! Btw, the tie is a serious fashion statement....Roopa